Production of composites materials

Electrical industry

Light and heavy metallurgy

Application in the railways


Application in the hydraulic system


Various final parts


Laminati com is private company, which is in business with production, manufacture and trade of technical electro-insulating composed materials.

We produce technical industrial laminates - phenolic cotton, phenolic paper, epoxy glass in shape of plates, rods and tubes.

We also produce Mica sheets, tubes..

We process those materials and also polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polyesters…..We make the special parts from those materials in accordance with your technical documentation or upon agreement. (Sliding rings, wedges, bearings, cartridges, contactors, connection boxes, among rail isolation, piston guide rings…..)

Principle, these special parts are used in the first build, but theirs use as a spare parts in electro industry is the most often. The very often use of these parts, are for the periodic remount of the electro-stove in metallurgy, of the generators in hydroelectric power station and in the steam power plant.

Our parts are mounted in the electro-energetic plant of the many companies, so they work in the whole world.

Engineer’s team of Laminati com always offers his long duration experience with application of composite materials to solve your technical problems.  

The power of the Laminati com. is in its experts, engineer's team, who offers the favours and solutions with the big experience and knowledge.