About Us

Having over 50 years of tradition behind, our team of experts succeeds to bring LAMINATI KOM to a producer and global supplier of various composite materials, engineering plastics and machined spare parts for many industries. We believe in the power of our team which trough knowledge, innovation, flexibility, efficiency, consistency and close relationships with our clients is dedicated to develop cost effective constructive solutions for various technical issues.

LAMINATI KOM is specialized in a production of technical electro-insulating laminates, composite materials, distribution of engineering plastics and machining spare parts according to technical documentation for further processing. Our products are applicable for first install and for maintenance in electro-industry, metallurgy, hydroelectric power station, steam power plant, etc.

LAMINATI KOM has its production facility and head quarters located in Macedonia, South Eastern Europe, location that allows high flexibility and short delivery time.


What we do?
We produce and machine technical laminates based on paper and cotton fiber impregnated with phenol resins; glass fiber impregnated with epoxy or polyester resins; mica products according to DIN 7735 as plates, sheets, tubes, rods, cylinders and rings. We are distributor of spare parts from different types of engineering plastic materials including: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polyacetate, etc. Our highly experienced team works closely with our clients in order to meet the specific needs and to identify the best tailored made solution.
What is our mission?
Our mission is to develop unique cost effective and constructive solutions for various technical issues. Our core values are integrity, client focus and team work.